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Forgive and; Survive
❝ The worst part of holding the memories is not the pain.
It's the loneliness of it.
Memories need to be shared. ❞

I think I will be spending a good part of the evening doing work, and maybe some small interactions on Satsuki.



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   was it now? i do hope i am not interrupting an important train of thought, then.

                               ❝ …Mere idle thoughts of a flighty mind, your Majesty. 
          Nothing which warrants more attention than your company now. ❞


"I thought bunnies were small," puzzled the replica as he cupped his hands together, "Like, they can fit in your hands, but your friend is HUGE, I guess because he’s a Phooka, too? What does he guard?"

         {♔} ❝ I believe it is fair to assume the word ‘bun’, and consequently, ‘bunny’, originated from the spread of knowledge about Aster. That is to say, he was here first - the association to smaller creatures came later. ❞

             She took a moment to contemplate it over, before nodding in confirmation and taking another drink in her distracted musing. Aster was older than the Earth itself, let alone its rabbits, and Toothiana had not heard the word ‘bunny’ in reference to a small rodent until a few hundreds years prior. In fact, the name of the holiday Aster helped inspire and took under his charge was likely taken from his name as well, even if it was presumed the other way around.

                 ❝ —Childhood, like myself, ❞ she answered half-attentively before snapping back into the present. ❝ Ah, he is the Guardian of Hope, more specifically. He also helps to herald Spring, although he is hardly alone in that regard. 

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"At the rate that I'm eating Peeps, I feel we'll be seeing each other very soon..."


                                                                                                     —I want one!❞

[Hey look. Surprise knightly cuddles from behind] "Surprise, my queen..."

         {♔} ❝ You are not half as subtle as you think you are. ❞

            But she didn’t oppose his approach despite that. In fact, she doesn’t oppose the embrace either. She just sinks into it like she’s ready to fall asleep at the first excuse offered - here being, a knight to lean against.

"… So wait, he’s actually the Easter Phooka?”

         {♔} ❝ Sure. If you live long enough, do enough things, you get all sorts of titles. I suppose it would be easiest just to call him by name: Aster. E. Aster Bunnymund.

                                                                  —He’s a Guardian, like myself.❞

  easter-pooka said:
*sidles on in* "Heard ya had yaself quite tha library, Tooth."

        {♕}          ❝ Oh? A peculiar topic of conversation; it is not Punjam Hy Loo’s most well-known feature. ❞

         For good reason, of course. It is offered at general leisure to guests, but she does not want to deal with more potential thieves than she already does. And rumor of some names on those shelves would inspire quite the undesired interest indeed. It is a treasure vault in its own right.

             But, that doesn’t inspire skepticism for her friend; she is perfectly content to offer the library to him unquestionably. Or, almost unquestionably.

                                ❝ Although…aren’t you a little busy today for reading? ❞




             ❝ Quite an interesting creature you are… ❞

        {♕} Such a comment would afford him ire in response—

                                                                                        —were he human.
                       But that is decidedly not the case; In fact, that much is plenty clear before she even takes in his appearance. This is a familiar presence, regardless of form.

                     ❝ I have heard that fairly often,
                                        but never a word from Death before now.

"... Did I just see a giant bunny in here?"


        {♕} ❝ Mhm. The Easter Bunny, ❞ she confirms, without so much a waver in her attention for the view from her perch. A pause to lift the cup in her hands up, and she adds prior to taking part in it: ❝ Although that’s his common title for humans, I believe he is more properly referred to as a Pooka