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Tracking 'Thememoryguardian' and 'Smarati'
Forgive and; Survive
❝ The worst part of holding the memories is not the pain.
It's the loneliness of it.
Memories need to be shared. ❞


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[ catches the god tooth and smooches tbh surprise bitch ]

         her fate, it seems, is inevitable. there is no use fighting it anymore. better to submit and succumb than break apart in futile efforts of escaping.

             she cannot run away from this. it is her calling.

                                                          there are pretty ladies
                                                              to kiss
                                                 and be kissed by 



thememoryguardian replied to your post:
[ this post is unacceptable to tooth, both of you go to your rooms. ]


/will take that challenge on with a straight fucking face

/don’t think she won’t

/she needs to work and pretty people are distracting

  duglovesyou said:
[the dog stares at her, panting with a huge grin or as best as a dog can grin.]


        {♕} Many a things have made their way into her palace before. Rarely a dog, and never a stray one - which meant it likely came from a city or town many, many miles away: An especially impressive trek for a seemingly mundane creature.

 ❝ A successful journey like yours probably deserves a meal, at least.
           Let’s see what we can find for you, shall we?

-                                      And then maybe we can figure out where you came from. ❞

"... Miss Tooth, someone told me the Easter Bunny isn't real. Is it because he's a Phooka?"

        {♕} ❝ That plays a part on its own, I’m certain. But belief in a number of things varies from person to person and place to place, how they are raised, and their own take on the world. Some children never learn about Bunnymund at all, some convince themselves he doesn’t exist as they grow older, or are perhaps given good reason to if he cannot help it. That’s just how things are. 


  She finishes her examination quickly enough       though no doubt, it
  will be the first of many. For now, however, Mother Nature is content
  o hold the little fairy gently in her hands. A softer side is bleeding
  through the cracks of her severe visage, one that she cannot hide no
  matter how much she filled such breaks with lies and with power.

                                       There was, after all, a reason for
                                       the nature of her most known title.


    Bony, but soft fingers trace along the direction of the feathers that
    grace her head, before Seraphina moves her gaze to look at Toothiana
    with serpentine grace pivoting her neck. For once, her visage sports
    a smile borne not out of spite, but of genuine interest. If she is getting
    the hang of this “friend” business, she couldn’t say. At the moment,
    she is acting on instinct.

                                          A relatively new one.

                   Perhaps the Sister of Flight is useful for something after all     

                                                                                ❝  This one is different.  

        {♕} ❝ Mhm. Most of them are. In one way or another. ❞

                   She is not certain how Earth’s Sovereign will take news of this particular faerie’s purpose, if she is to ever know at all. The fact that Toothiana has at least some awareness of the childhood belonging to Emily Jane is already known between them both - but to bring attention to it without cause?

                                                                                   The Guardian is wiser than that.
                                                                     And never so cruel.

          So her continuing response is generalized to an extent. Never a lie, but other relevant information in the stead of something far more personal while the small faerie of initial focus takes kindly to the subtle lavish of attention. Fittingly, she is nothing short of childlike in her awareness of Mother Nature..

                                  ❝ They are only copies of me the moment they are created.
                                        From then on they are shaped by their own experiences.

                                                            …Is there something about them you
                                                                 are uncertain about, Your Grace? ❞